3x-Roman Toasted Hazelnuts

3x-Roman Toasted Hazelnuts

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Roman hazelnuts from Tuscia, carefully selected and roasted.

  Ingredients: Tonda Gentile Roman Hazelnuts

 Weight: 3.5 oz (100g)

  Useful tips: Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. After opening, keep the jar tightly closed.

  Beneficial Properties: Hazelnuts, along with almonds, are among the most nutritious and vitamin-E rich fruits found. They also have phytosterols, effective to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Excellent for reducing cholesterol.

  Production process: Upon receipt of the raw material a number of checks are performed to ensure reliability and compliance of the product. Preparation method in accordance with indications of the company and the HACCP plan. Filling, labelling and packaging of the finish product.

  Shelf Life: 24 months. Check the expiry date on the lid or on the label.

   Allergens: Shell Friuit, Milk and derivatives

 Special Features: Italian homemade Product

  Origin of the Product: Lazio region

 Collection: The Roman hazelnuts are hand-picked and selected, one by one

History and Origin of the product
FoodEat Roman hazelnuts come from the Viterbo countryside, near the Vico Lake Nature Reserve. Tuscia hazelnuts are a real Italian gastronomic excellence admired all over the world. Thanks to the volcanic soil, and the climate of Lazio, our hazelnuts have unique characteristics, both in flavor and quality.

Gastronomic excellence from Lazio, this type of hazelnut has a crunchy and compact texture and persistent flavor. It is used in different recipes for meat, sweets, or even in a salad. Our hazelnuts are shelled and roasted, to give a typical, unmistakable flavor.
Beneficial properties
Hazelnuts, together with almonds, are among the fruits richest in vitamin E. They contain phytosterols to prevent heart and circulatory diseases. 
Hazelnuts contain vitamins B2, B3, B9 and are considered anticancer agents. They are also an excellent solution against cholesterol.
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