Roman Hazelnut Cream

Roman Hazelnut Cream

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FoodEat Roman Hazelnut cream is made of only Roman hazelnuts, grown and hand-picked in the Viterbo countryside, near the Vico Lake Nature Reserve.

  Ingredients: 30% Roman Hazelnuts, Sugar, Milk, Cocoa,  Zucchero, Latte, Cacao, Sunflower Oil.

 Weight: 8.8 oz (250g).

  Useful tips: Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. After opening, keep the jar tightly closed. The occurrence of any oil sediment is an indication of genuineness. Mix again until it is well combined.

  Beneficial Properties: With a pleasant taste, hazelnut cream is renowned for its invigorating and energizing properties. Exceptional for breakfast and consumed in the right amount, it gives moments of pure happiness. Lastly, hazelnuts are a panacea to prevent many health problems.

  Production process: Upon receipt of the raw material a number of checks are performed to ensure reliability and compliance of the product. Preparation method in accordance with indications of the company and the HACCP plan. Filling and hermetic sealing which ensure the protection from any adverse effects of external origin. Heat treatment, labelling and packaging of the finish product.

  Shelf Life: 18 months. Check the expiry date on the label.

   Allergens: Shell Friuit, Milk and derivatives.

 Special Features: No preservatives, additives or emulsifying agents.

  Origin of the Product: Lazio region.

 Collection: The Roman hazelnuts are hand-picked and selected, one by one.


History and Origin of the Product
FoodEat Roman hazelnut cream is a product designed to enhance the excellence of Made in Italy through a tasty but healthy and genuine cream at the same time. The hazelnuts come from the Viterbo countryside, near the Vico Lake Nature Reserve. They are carefully selected to guarantee excellent, top-quality standards. FoodEat cream is a high-quality product linked to the experience of Italian pastry chefs. The inviting, superfine product is pure excellence. 
FoodEat Roman produces its an artisanal product with simple, but genuine and quality ingredients: milk, sunflower oil, sugar, cocoa, and Roman hazelnuts. Thanks to the unmistakable hint of Roman hazelnuts, the toasting process can be perceived in the cream. After having carefully selected them, the hazelnuts are hand-crafted to create our superfine hazelnut cream.
 Beneficial properties
Hazelnuts, together with almonds, are among the fruits richest in vitamin E. They contain phytosterols to prevent heart and circulatory diseases. 
Hazelnuts contain vitamins B2, B3, B9 and are considered anticancer agents. They are also an excellent solution against cholesterol. 

 Tips for use
 Stir before use to enjoy at its best.

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