Egg Fettuccine 250g

Egg Fettuccine 250g

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FoodEat Egg Fettuccine are made of 35% free-range eggs and Durum Wheat flour. The pasta is bronze-drawn and dried using the traditional method.

  Ingredients: Durum Wheat flour from Lazio, Eggs from Lazio free-range farms.

 Weight: 8.8 oz (250g).

  Useful tips: Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources.

  Beneficial Properties: Pasta has many beneficial properties, especially its nutritional values, in fact, a pasta-based diet is well-balanced and complete. That's why you should never say no to a delicious dish of pasta.

  Production process : Upon receipt of the raw material a number of checks are performed to ensure reliability and compliance of the product. Preparation method in accordance with indications of the company and the HACCP plan. Filling, labelling and packaging of the finish product.

  Shelf Life: 18 months. Check the expiry date on the label.

   Allergens: Cereals containing gluten

 Special Features: FoodEat uses only 100% free-range eggs from Lazio.  Our stone-ground flour is exclusively made from Italian wheat and is produced in a local mill.

  Origin of the Product: Lazio region.


History and Origin of the product
FoodEat egg Linguine are obtained from an old recipe, passed down through generations and preserved for over a century. FoodEat uses only 100% whole eggs from Italian free-range farms and a special flour from a local mill which, by stone-grinding the grains of the surrounding area, creates a truly unique product. This product comes from a small reality in southern Lazio, the Ciociaria area, which aims to guarantee the typical features of tradition, such as excellence and genuineness, in its products. The pasta factory producer is Saverio Raponi, awarded for its top-quality pasta at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

The selection of raw materials and the bronze drawing process are the elements that give the FoodEat pasta a porous and ideal surface for the absorption of any condiment, as well as a flavor and taste like no other. Our fettuccine are made with 35% of Italian eggs. Cooking, high digestibility but especially a unique taste make this pasta an excellence of Italian cuisine.
Beneficial properties 
There are many beneficial properties of pasta, especially its nutritional values, in fact, a pasta-based diet is well-balanced and complete. That's why you should never renounce to a delicious dish of pasta. It also contains vitamin B1, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

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