Cherry Jam with Lazio homegrown cherries

Cherry Jam with Lazio homegrown cherries

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Jam made with Italian selected cherries. Without the addition of any type of artificial preservatives, thickeners or colorants. Prepared with 130g of fresh and ripe fruit grown in Lazio per 100g of the finished product.

  Ingredients: Cherries, Sugar, Lemon. Prepared with 130g of fruit and 25g of sugar per 100g of the finished product.

 Weight: 8.8 oz (250 g)

  Useful tips: Store at room temperature, away from light and heat sources. After opening, keep the jar tightly closed and store at refrigeration temperature.

  Beneficial Properties: Natural energizer able to stimulate the nervous system. It is highly recommended for its easy digestion. The content of proteins, vitamins,  minerals and amino acids makes this product an excellent tonic and physiological adjuvant

  Production process: Upon receipt of the raw material a number of checks are performed to ensure reliability and compliance of the product. Preparation method in accordance with indications of the company and the HACCP plan. Filling and hermetic sealing which ensure the protection from any adverse effects of external origin. Heat treatment, labelling and packaging of the finish product.

  Shelf Life: 24 months. Check the expiry date on the lid or on the label.

   Allergens: No Allergens

 Special Features: No preservatives, additives or emulsifying agents

  Origin of the Product: Lazio region

 Collection: Hand-picked

History and Origin of the Product
FoodEat cherry jam is a specialty made exclusively with selected Italian fresh fruit. Respect for tradition and top-quality raw materials are primary elements for a unique jam, which is why we choose the best fresh fruit from our country by selecting it with the utmost care. We select only Lazio homegrown fruit because we know the value of our land.
FoodEat produces its Italian cherry jam according to ancient traditional recipes, with slow-cooking at low temperature, to maintain and at the same time enhance the flavor and aroma of the fruit. We only use fresh fruit and minimize the use of sugar not to alter the taste. We prepare our jams with 130g of fruit per 100g of the finished product. 
Beneficial Properties
Cherries are rich in vitamins A and B, proteins, calcium, minerals, magnesium, and iron, all elements that make them an appreciated tonic. Cherry is a fruit rich in antioxidants, helpful to purify the liver. It is highly digestible and also a natural anti-inflammatory useful for combating joint pain.
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